Frequently Asked Questions

     Q1: What’s the delivery time of SOYER Conveyor System and Sortation & Labeling Printing           System?

     A1: Spiral Conveyor:

     Depends on the request and specification of each spiral conveyor, the delivery time about               25 days.

A2: Straight Conveyor and Curve Conveyor:

Usually finished within 3 days to 5 days per unit equipment. For accurate time, please contact our sales Dep. (

A3: Sortation and Labeling Printing System:

If without special requirements of design, or special appoint of the parts, such as special motor, special printer or other parts material, the delivery time of a single sortation and labeling machine is usually 15-20 days.

Q2: If on-site installation service of SOYER is supplied?

 A:  Depends on the customer’s requirements, you can install the standard machine including spiral lifts, straight conveyor, curve conveyor and labeling printing machine by yourselves, and can also request an on-site installation especially in the case of customization.

If choose to install by yourselves, all the spiral lifts and conveyor must be rigged up and well prepared to make the installation operational. Our user manual is also available.

Q3: What is the warranty period of SOYER Conveyor and Other Equipment?  

 A:  Warranty period of motor and transmission chains SOYER used is 1 year, about that of other accessories, please consult our sales Dep.

Q4: Which motor is installed in SOYER, if it can be appointed? And how about other parts, such as bearings, transmission chains etc.

 A:  The motor installed in SOYER is usually SEW Brand motor and SERVO motor, you can also appoint other brand motor depends on   your needs.

 About other parts, if without appoint from customer, they are sourced in China with reliable quality. The customer also can appoint   other brands parts.

     Q5: What’s the Maximum speed of SOYER vertical spiral conveyor and horizontal conveyor?

      A:  The maximum speed of SOYER conveyor is 60M/min.

     Q6: What’s the minimum inner turning radius of SOYER curve conveyor?

      A:  The min. inner turning radius of SOYER curve conveyor is 300mm.Max to 1600mm.

     Q7: What’s the Maximum belt conveyor width of SOYER?

      A:  The maximum conveyor belt width of SOYER belt conveyor and belt curve conveyor is               1200mm.

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