Spiral Lift

Spiral conveyors are being used today by rapidly growing small and large companies in a wide range of industries.

SOYER is an outstanding and thriving spiral manufacturing enterprise in China, with over 15 years rich experience in conveyors solution and manufacturing.

SOYER screw conveyor includes spiral slatted chain conveyor, spiral roller conveyor, spiral net belt conveyor, spiral belt conveyor, mainly used in beverage, food, chemical, printing, logistics, medicine and other industries of carton, bag, basket, bag, newspaper, books or cans, bottles, bucket lifting or lifting.

  • All products can be customized according to different conveying materials and processing requirements.

Conveyor Design-Parameter

soyer conveyor technologies.jpg

Soyer Standard Spiral Conveyor Design with 400 mm  600 mm width slat chains,spiral conveyor types as follows:

 Item        Delivery Width    Minimum Diameter      Maximum Height

SOYER chain plate screw conveyor features:

  • Flexible layout

SOYER chain plate screw conveyor is the most common slat chain width of 400mm 600mm, the outer diameter is not more than 2000mm, so it is widely used in packaging and handling.

  • Long service life

The Soyer spiral frame is cleverly designed and painted from stainless or mild steel. These materials ensure durability and long life.

  • Simple maintenance

Automatic lubricating device and chain ultra-long sensor mounted on unit load screw conveyor to minimize maintenance work.

Downward spiral working video

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