Top Side Labeling Machine

Technical Parameter

  • Height of Object       30-200mm

  • Labeling Speed        20-200pcs/min (Depending on label length and bottle thickness)

  • Thickness of Object 20-200mm

  • Length of Label        25-300mm

  • Height of Label         15-110mm

  • Label Roller Inside Diameter          76mm

  • Label Roller Outside Diameter       350mm

  • Accuracy of Labeling           ±0.8mm

  • Power Supply           220V 50/60HZ 0.75KW

  • Gas Consumption of Printer           5Kg/cm^2 (if add coding machine)

  • Size of Labeling Machine   1600(L)×550(W)×1600(H)mm

  • Weight of Labeling Machine           250Kg

Key Applications:


  • Logistics: Used for labeling packages, boxes, and containers in logistics and warehousing operations to facilitate tracking and sorting.

  • Track and Trace: Enables product identification and tracking throughout the supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • Food Industry: Applied for labeling food packaging such as cartons, trays, and containers to provide product information and compliance with labeling regulations.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Utilized for labeling pharmaceutical products and packaging to meet regulatory requirements and ensure product authenticity.

Key Features:


  • Integration with Printing Engine: The Top Side Labeling Machine can be integrated with a printing engine and corresponding data control program. This allows for on-line data printing, enabling track and trace applications and anti-counterfeiting measures.

  • Customizable Labeling: The machine offers flexibility in labeling placement and can accommodate various label sizes and shapes to suit different packaging requirements.

  • High Precision: Equipped with advanced labeling mechanisms and sensors, the machine ensures precise label placement and consistent labeling quality.

  • Efficiency and Productivity: By automating the labeling process, the machine enhances efficiency, reduces labor costs, and increases overall productivity in packaging operations.

  • Compliance and Security: Helps businesses adhere to labeling regulations and ensures product authenticity and security through track and trace functionalities and anti-counterfeiting measures.


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