Cross-Belt Sorters

Cross-belt sorters are a type of sorting conveyor system commonly used in distribution centers, warehouses, and logistics facilities. These highly efficient sorting systems are designed to quickly and accurately sort a wide variety of items based on predetermined criteria such as destination, order, or customer.


Key Features:

  • Cross-Belt Configuration: Cross-belt sorters consist of multiple belts arranged perpendicular to the main conveyor line. These belts can move independently, allowing for precise item sorting onto designated chutes, bins, or conveyor lines.

  • Sorting Accuracy: Cross-belt sorters offer high sorting accuracy, ensuring that each item is correctly directed to its intended destination. This accuracy is crucial for efficient order fulfillment and logistics operations.

  • Flexibility: These sorting systems are highly versatile and can handle a wide range of items, including parcels, packages, boxes, and more. They can be customized to accommodate different sizes, shapes, and weights of items.

  • High Throughput: Cross-belt sorters are capable of handling large volumes of items with high throughput rates. This makes them ideal for distribution centers and warehouses with demanding sorting requirements.

  • Minimal Downtime: With robust construction and reliable operation, cross-belt sorters require minimal downtime for maintenance and repairs, ensuring continuous operation and productivity.

  • Integration with Automation: These sorting systems can be seamlessly integrated with other automation technologies such as barcode scanners, conveyor systems, and warehouse management systems (WMS) to create fully automated sorting processes.

Cross-Belt Sorters are widely used in various industries and applications where high-speed and accurate sorting of items is essential. Some common applications include:

  • E-commerce Fulfillment Centers: Cross-Belt Sorters play a crucial role in sorting and routing individual orders to designated packing stations or shipping lanes in e-commerce fulfillment centers. They help streamline order fulfillment processes and ensure timely delivery of customer orders.

  • Distribution Centers: In distribution centers handling a wide range of products, Cross-Belt Sorters efficiently sort items based on destination, enabling efficient distribution and logistics operations. They help reduce order processing times and improve overall warehouse productivity.

  • Parcel Sorting Facilities: Cross-Belt Sorters are used in parcel sorting facilities to sort and route packages to the appropriate delivery routes or carriers. They enable fast and accurate sorting of packages, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Airport Baggage Handling Systems: In airports, Cross-Belt Sorters are employed in baggage handling systems to sort and route luggage to the correct departure gates or baggage claim areas. They help streamline baggage handling processes and minimize the risk of misrouted luggage.

  • Manufacturing and Production: Cross-Belt Sorters are used in manufacturing and production facilities to sort and route components, parts, and finished products to different assembly lines or storage areas. They help optimize production workflows and ensure efficient material handling.

  • Retail Distribution Centers: Retail distribution centers utilize Cross-Belt Sorters to sort and route merchandise to retail stores or distribution channels based on demand and inventory levels. They help improve inventory management and facilitate timely replenishment of store shelves.

Linear Cross Belt Sorter

                Circular Cross Belt Sorter                        Linear Cross Belt Sorter

Goods weight0.5~10kg
Goods dimension Min. L150 x W150 x H15 mm  Max. L450 x W350 x H300mm
Sorting speed60m/min
Sorting capacity6000pcs/hr 
Sorting pitch600mm
Goods Letters, Packages, Polybags, Cartons 

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