Gravity Roller Spiral Conveyor

Gravity spiral conveyor,also known as spiral rollers, gravity roller spiral,spiral roller is a vertical continuous conveying equipment generally handle larger items with a flat lower surface and a low centre of gravity such as box,bulk in bundle/pallet pail etc.

Compared with other conveying equipment, the spiral roller conveyor has a whole machine section.

Small size, good sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, safe operation and easy maintenance.

Spiral Technologies:

Spiral conveyor manufacturing material:powder coated carbon steel,stainless steel,spiral conveyor in aluminum pillar

Chain:anti-slippery high strength special spiral chain,effective width customized,with 4 bearings at bottom,POM material,upper blue color

Spiral conveying width:200mm,300mm,400mm,600mm customized up to 1200mm

Vertical spiral application:Beverage, beer, cigarette, postal, newspaper, printing, food, pharmaceutical, logistics, electronics and other industries

Conveyor lifting (one motor) maximum load: carbon steel bottom chain <750kg,stainless steel <600kg.

Gravity spiral conveyor-- tyre testing :

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