Spiral Gravity Conveyor

The Spiral Gravity Conveyor, also referred to as spiral rollers or gravity roller spiral, is a vertical continuous conveying equipment primarily designed to handle larger items with a flat lower surface and a low center of gravity, such as boxes, bulk items in bundles or pallets, and pails.

Compared to other conveying equipment, the spiral roller conveyor features a compact design, excellent sealing performance, stable and reliable operation, safe functionality, and easy maintenance. Its holistic machine section ensures seamless operation, making it an efficient and dependable solution for material handling needs.


Key Features:

  • Vertical Transport: The spiral design allows for vertical transportation of goods, making it ideal for multi-level facilities and space-constrained environments.

  • Continuous Operation: Products move seamlessly along the spiral path, ensuring continuous operation without the need for motorized assistance.

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for handling a wide range of items with flat lower surfaces, including boxes, pallets, and containers, across various industries.

  • Space-Saving Design: The vertical orientation of the conveyor optimizes floor space utilization, making it suitable for installations where horizontal conveyors are impractical.

  • Simple Maintenance: With fewer moving parts and no motorized components, the gravity spiral conveyor requires minimal maintenance and upkeep.

  • Efficient Material Handling: Provides efficient and reliable transportation of goods, helping to streamline material handling processes and improve productivity.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: The absence of motorized components reduces energy consumption and operating costs, making the gravity spiral conveyor a cost-effective solution for material transport.

Spiral Technologies:

  • Manufacturing Materials: Our spiral conveyors are crafted from powder-coated carbon steel, stainless steel, and feature an aluminum pillar construction.

  • Chain Design: Utilizing anti-slippery high-strength special spiral chains, customized effective width, with four bearings at the bottom. The chains are made of POM material and are distinguishable by their upper blue color.

  • Spiral Conveying Width: Available in widths of 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm, with customization options up to 1200mm to suit specific needs.

  • Vertical Spiral Application: Our spiral conveyors find applications in various industries including beverage, beer, cigarette, postal, newspaper, printing, food, pharmaceutical, logistics, electronics, and more.

  • Conveyor Lifting Capacity (Single Motor): For carbon steel bottom chain, the maximum load is <750kg, and for stainless steel, it is <600kg.

Spiral Gravity Conveyor finds application in various industries and environments where efficient vertical transportation of goods is required to optimize workflow, space utilization, and productivity.

  • Warehousing and Distribution: Used for vertical transportation of goods in warehouses and distribution centers, facilitating efficient storage and retrieval processes.

  • Manufacturing: Enables the movement of materials between different levels of production lines, optimizing workflow and space utilization in manufacturing facilities.

  • Packaging: Utilized in packaging operations to transport products between packaging stations and conveyor lines, ensuring smooth and continuous packaging processes.

  • Order Fulfillment: Supports vertical transportation of items in order fulfillment centers, allowing for efficient sorting and packing of customer orders.

  • Retail: Used in retail environments for vertical transport of merchandise between different floors or levels of retail stores and distribution centers.

  • Food and Beverage: Ideal for transporting packaged food and beverage products between production, packaging, and distribution areas in food processing plants and breweries.

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical: Facilitates the vertical movement of pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, and equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and laboratories.

  • Logistics and E-commerce: Supports vertical transportation of packages, parcels, and goods in logistics hubs, e-commerce fulfillment centers, and courier facilities.

  • Postal Services: Utilized by postal and courier services for sorting and transporting mail, packages, and parcels between different floors or levels of postal facilities.

  • Airport Baggage Handling: Enables the vertical movement of luggage and baggage between check-in counters, sorting areas, and baggage claim areas in airports and transportation hubs.

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